BE Green Biomass Sdn Bhd
Lot 3029, Kampung Melayu,
Batu 5, Sri Lalang,
86000 Kluang,
Johor, Malaysia.

Wood Pellet

Wood Pellet

Presently, we produce 3 different types of wood pellet:
(i) tropical wood
(ii) rubber wood
(iii) palm wood

The raw material to produce wood pellet are wood waste from our own sawmill as well as sawmill around our factory and wood waste from collecting centre such as used pallet, brunches from pruning by town council.

Currently, our wood pallet is mainly export to China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and with a small quantity for local industry of environmental friendly boiler.

Presently, our production capacity is 5,000 ton per month. In an effort to keep pace with increasing demand for wood pellet, our Company production capacity will increase to 15,000 ton when second production line in operation by end of year 2016.

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